I had been suffering from lower back pain for many years. My pain was a result of many falls through the years and eventually started to catch up with me. I finally decided to seek treatment. My doctor I had been seeing for my arthritis suggested I see a chiropractor. I had seen a chiropractor before and noticed results so I decided to return to chiropractics. I noticed Dr. deBarros' office many times while I was in the Mechanicsville area so I called and set up an appointment. On my first visit, the doctor set me up on a specific healthcare plan designed just for me. Since starting I have stuck with that plan and never miss a single appointment! I have definitely experienced results! I enjoy each of my visits to the office. The doctors are all great and very informative of my progress. The staff is wonderful as well. They are friendly and make each visitenjoable. If someone were experiencing back pain and were curious about chiropractics, I would definitely tell them to try it. It has worked for me and I think everyone experiencing back pain should see the difference chiropractics can make!

Jimmy Patterson

I was suffering from lower back pain for four years. It was interfering with my normal life activities like getting in and out of bed and exercising. It was painful just moving around. I saw my family doctor for the pain and was given an anti-inflammatory medication. Weeks went by and still I wasn't feeling any better. So a friend of mine recommended that I come in to let the chiropractors here take a look and see what they could do. I started treatment here at deBarros Chiropractic back in November of 2005. Dr. Bogdan is my treating doctor and he is great! All the doctors here do a wonderful job. They take time with me, offer good suggestions for stretching and caring for my back. I can now move more easily. I am sleeping better and my quality of life is better. I work very hard to keep my back healthy. The doctors and staff here are wonderful. Everyone is kind, helpful, flexible and caring. The office provides the best customer service of any doctor's office I have ever been to!

Terry Nash

In early September of this year I slipped and fell down the steps in my home. I really fell with a bang and so I was surprised when I stood and walked around without feeling pain. Regardless, I took it easy for a few days and then continued working as a personal trainer. About ten days later I was awaken to find I had severe back pain that had continued all the way to my knee and foot. It was devastating to not be able to drive, sit or stand. I realized I needed a chiropractor for relief. I had seen one a few months prior, but wasn't very happy with him. My friend/client had suggested I see Dr. Bryant. I got an appointment as soon as possible. The treatment I received can only be describes as very thorough. Within just a few days I was feeling much better. My friend who is a doctor in Maryland had an accident years ago which left him with neck pain. He saw my enthusiasm and decided to go see Dr. Bryant also. It is now December and we are both sitting at home PAIN FREE! We are so grateful for not having to take pain medications. I will continue to come for adjustments forever. I am so glad to I am educated in knowing that keeping the spine aligned is a smart preventive medicine. Bob and I have enjoyed the office and staff. The are friendly, warm and never give anyone the feeling of being rushed. It's become our second home!!

Lynda R. & Bob C.

I was first treated in doctor deBarros' office about two months ago. I was experiencing constant back and neck pain that was causing me to miss time at work. After flipping through teh phonebook I came across Dr. deBarros' name and decided to make an appointment. I was a bit skeptical because I because I had never been seen by a chiropractor before and I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was willing to do whatever I could to alleviate the pain I was in. I was very surprised at how conerned the doctors were. My initial appointment consisted of numerous exams, x-rays and tests so the doctors could learn more about me. After that, they sat down with me and explained why I was having the pain and suggested solutions to help. I was very pleased that the doctors has taken so much time to ensure that I completely understood everything and answered all my questions. Since beginning my treatment, I have experienced very positive results. I am able to things that I was once limited to. I am no longer missing time at work and have been able to live a normal like again. I plan to continue my treatment plan and stay on the road to success. The staff creates a cheerful, warm atmosphere that makes each visit enjoyable. The doctors are very personable and always keep me updated on my prgress. I look forward to the benefits of chiropractic care and plan to continue with my health care plan to ensure long term health!

Doug Hudgins

Another day... another night... another headache! I was getting concerned as my husband and I were scheduled to take what should be a wonderful three-day bus trip and the date was approaching. My headahces had continued for over two weeks and daily medication gave only short-term relief. Also time on the computer had to be limited as that just made me feel worse. It was reaching a point that afternoons were spent on the couch. It was while I was reading the Mechanicsville Local that I saw the ad for deBarros Chiropractic Clinic, which is located not far from my home. Knowing at this point I needed to seek help and decided their office could be the starting point. From the moment I walked in the door and was greeted by the receptionists I felt I had chosen the right place. I found the staff to be personable, friendly and every effort was made to make me feel comfortable. I am now pain free and am so very grateful. By keeping regular appointments to receive treatment I am now feeling happy, energetic and healthy. It means so much to be able to function through the entire day without pain. This was not just a starting point but also the place for continued maintenance that is dedicated to a better way of life.

Bonnie A.

I sought chiropractic treatment after being referred by a friend and current patient of Dr. Bogdan. I have two young girls in grade school and they seem to be sick all the time with with ear infections. I was not sure what to expect when I started bringing Emily and Megan. But right away, the girls grew a quick attatchment to Dr. Bogdan. The first week the girls were brought in they were both sick with ear infections. But due to their aggressive schedule of adjustments, by the first week their ears were fine without and medications! This was the first time something like this had ever happened! After that we were hooked and one at a time we all started to come in. I had always complained of lower back pain and my husband Donnie had a lot tension in his neck and shoulders. Just like the girls, Donnie and I participated in a very thorogh exam followed by a full spinal evaluation done with x-rays. Afterwards we both had a full report on the doctor's findings. All my fears were put aside and I felt like they could really help us. Following the report, Donnie and I were put on a specialized treatment program and we havn't looked back since! We truly enjoy coming and seeing the staff's smiling faces, The whole staff is very intelligent and helpful. They have been very accomodating with our schedules and very understanding about last-minute chnages. We are all much healthier and pain free. Thanks to Dr. Bogdan and teh excellent staff at deBarro's Chiropractic my family is living a much healthier pain-free life!

The McLains

I came to Dr. deBarros' office a few months ago after being involved in an automobile accident. I was experiencing constant neck and back pain and stresses at work had also caused me to suffer from migraines and cluster headaches. These problems had caused my energy levels to drop significantly and I eventually found myslef missing family events and outings with my friends. I had been suffering from migraines for about two months before a very good friend and fellow patient, Tammy Brice, referred me to the office. I had my first examination with Dr. Corey Bryant. Dr. Bryant set up a personalized health care plan individualized for me and my road to recovery! I have thoroughly enjoyed being a patient of Dr. Bryant's. He is a very knowledgeable doctor and genuinely cares about how I feel and my well-being. He always answers all of my questions and keeps me updated on my prgress. Since beginning my treatment, my headaches have become virtually non-existent and I am able to perform daily tasks at ease again. My neck and back pain are also completely gone. I have experienced great results from my chiropractic experience. The doctors and staff are wonderful and make me feel very comfortable at each visit. I enjoy and look forward to each adjustment because of the friendly and positive atmosphere they create. l look forward to the benefits of chiropractic care and intend on continuing with my health care plan to ensure long term health!

Nikki Tuell

During the pregnancy of my first child, my low back pain and daily headaches became more severe. It got to the point where I was in pain all the time. When I would get home from work, I would struggle to get through our nightly routine. I was also having trouble picking up my son, and the pain I was experiencing and lack of energy together limited our playtime. I sought chiropractic treatment from deBarros Chiropractic in June of 2000. The doctor was very through in explaining the benefits of chiropractic care. My treatments have been successful at relieving my pain and improving my life. Chiropractic care has been a miracle for me. My lower back pain is now non-existent and my headaches are greatly diminished. I have also noticed an improvement in my allergies, and in my overall energy. Because of chiropractics, I feel great!

Virginia B.

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